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The main authorised sales platform for HK Phil concert tickets is Urbtix. Selected programmes will also be available at POPTICKET and/or ticketflap. Please refer to individual concert webpage at HK Phil website for details. Any person presenting unofficial ticket or replicated ticket will be denied entry.

HK Phil Europe Tour – Berlin

Europe Tour

HK Phil Europe Tour – Berlin

Thu 8PM
Konzerthaus, Berlin


Venue Information

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Ticket enquiries 3761 6661


FUNG LAMQuintessence
BEETHOVENViolin Concerto
DVOŘÁKSymphony no. 9 From the New World


Music Director Jaap van Zweden leads the HK Phil and Chinese violinist Ning Feng in an Europe Tour of six cities including London, Vienna, Zurich, Eindhoven, Birmingham and Berlin, from 24 February to 5 March.

For more information of the Berlin concert, visit: