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Since 1998 the Maestro Circle has forged close connections between the corporate members and the orchestra, providing high quality client entertainment and wide-ranging brand recognition alongside the finest music-making.  


With a tiered membership price structure and benefits to meet your brand’s specific requirements, Maestro Circle Membership offers the flexibility to achieve your objectives. Member’s privileges include year-round complimentary concert tickets, Partners’ Lounge, and house programme advertisements at discounted rates. 


Maestro Circle Membership brings you: 

  • Enhanced corporate image through wide brand exposure 
  • Association for your brand with the leading orchestra in Asia 
  • Fine music programmes and accessibility to our Partners’ Lounge to entertain your guests 
  • Opportunities to reach out to your target customers through access to our audience and network of other members 
  • Corporate social responsibility recognition
  • Foster relationship with the community


For more information, please contact the Development Department:
Tel: +852 2721 2030