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Severe Weather Arrangement


Before the Concert 

The concert will proceed as scheduled UNLESS:

  • Black Rainstorm Warning and/or Typhoon Signal 8 or above is hoisted three hours prior to the concert.

During the Concert

If the Black Rainstorm Warning and/or Typhoon Signal no. 8 go into effect during the concert, an announcement will be made and patrons will be given the choice to leave or remain. The concert will continue.

Concert Cancellation  

The HK Phil will post notifications of the cancellation on its website ( and on its Facebook page.


Should the concert be cancelled in advance of the concert start time, ticket buyers will have the following options:


  1. Full Refund - Be sure to keep your tickets intact and don’t mark them in any way. They will be required for a refund; or
  2. Ticket Exchange - Exchange your tickets for another HK Phil concert; or
  3. Donation - Waive your refund or exchange options, and the HK Phil will designate your ticket purchase as a donation for which you will receive a tax receipt.

Further details will be posted on this site or you may call 2721 2332 after resumption of normal office hours for enquiries.