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Ep. 2: Principal Viola Andrew Ling Plays Brahms and Shostakovich


BRAHMS|Sonata in F minor, op. 120, no.1
SHOSTAKOVICH|Cello Sonata, op. 40


Principal Viola Andrew Ling performs two significant works by Brahms and Shostakovich. The Sonata in F minor, op. 120, no. 1 was the first piece Brahms wrote for viola and piano, and inspired other composers also to write music for this combination of instruments. The second work is Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata, op. 40. It was composed in 1934 at a critical time in his personal life and in the political development of the Soviet Union. Listen how Andrew interprets these two masterpieces in collaboration with local pianist Dora Tsang, Andrew hope this music can bring you happiness and peace of mind.

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