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Ep. 8: Principal Oboe Michael Wilson in Recital


CLARA SCHUMANN|Drei Romanzen for Violin and Piano, op. 22
SCHUMANN|Adagio and Allegro, op. 70


Our Principals share their personal musical pleasures in diverse genres with the audience in this special recital series “Meet Our Principals”. We bring you an extraordinary journey through different sections of the orchestra – strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Immerse yourself in music and meet our Principals! After the success of the launch last year, we have now added two more videos into this series, launching this August. Get ready to be dazzled by these special performances!


Michael Wilson, our Principal Oboe and Hong Kong pianist Rachel Cheung present two pieces by the Schumanns. The first work, Drei Romanzen (“Three Romances”), was written by Clara Schumann, which is intended for a violin and piano. The second piece, Adagio and Allegro, was actually written for a French horn and piano. Clara concluded this work saying “it’s just the sort of piece I like, brilliant, fresh and passionate. In this performance, let Michael and Rachel show you a different timbre of the works.

Meet Our Principals

Meet Our Principals 2

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