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Yiwen Lu

Yiwen Lu is one of the most well-known Erhu players in China. She is the council member of the Bowed Stringed Instruments Committee under China Musicians Association and the Erhu Committee under the China Nationalities Orchestra Society. Yiwen is currently teaching Erhu in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Her major awards include the Gold Medal of the 10th Golden Bell Award Erhu Competition in 2015 (the highest award in any Chinese instrument competition). During her studies in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she was under the guidance of Liu Jie, Professor Chen Chunyuan and Erhu virtuoso Min Huifen. As one of the leading Erhu artists with great technique and potential, she has won various major competition and awards. In 2014, she was named one of "The Top Ten Chinese Erhu Players” by CCTV. In 2018 she was awarded as the Artist of the Year for 2016-2017 Chinese Traditional Music Award. In 2019, she has been selected into “The training program for young writers and artists in Shanghai” which is the highest accolade for the artists in Shanghai.


In recent years, she has been active in major music scenes all over the world. She has extensively collaborated with major orchestras, ensembles and soloists. She has also given concerts and has been highly praised in many countries and area in the Antarctic, the America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Her solid basic skills, comprehensive performing technique, natural musicality, and striking presence on stage produce a performance of unique charisma. There is always traditional Chinese instrumental skills and emotions that we can hear from the sound under her strings, and also the incredible combination of tradition and modern from her performances of contemporary Erhu pieces including her own compositions and transcriptions. From 2018, she has been the Brand image spokesman of Tomastik-Infeld and Bam which are the top brand of instrument strings and Instrument case all over the world.