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Sylvain Gagnon

Sylvain Gagnon

"... the virtuosity of fusion-jazz..." Le Soleil

"High flying bassist and talented composer..." Paroles et Musiques

"... Gagnon is musically and technically supreme." Jazz in Time "Sylvain's fretless tone on Paix Nucléaire is incredibly warm and expressive, and his emotion-drenched solo, which climbs to the top of the 6-string range, is filled with slow slides and creative runs." Bass Player Magazine

Considered as one of the best bass player of his generation coming from Montreal, Sylvain Gagnon has extensive international touring and recording experience. He is a virtuoso of jazz bass playing and has experience in music from many continents and styles ranging from rock to standard jazz, from Carnatic (classical music from South India) to African music, from funk to Latin music, from solo to big band. His technical abilities and musical sense have helped him build a strong reputation as a bass player as well as a leader.

Sylvain has participated in hundreds of albums with musicians such as Jackie Cheung, George Lam, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff "Tain" Watts, William So, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Daniel Lavoie, Magella Cormier, Helmut Lipsky, played on over 100 jingles, 50 movie soundtracks, toured internationally with his own band and many internationally acclaimed musicians. He also appeared in many movies, teleseries and talk shows as a musician.

In Hong Kong, he arranged for, recorded and performed with numerous well known artists such as Leon Lai, Sandy Lam, Miriam Yeung, Bianca Wo, Justin Lo, Chris Wong, Georges Lam, Teddy Robbin, Prudence Liew, Kenny Bee, Elisa Chan, Mimi Lo, Jackie Cheung, Olivia Newton-John, William So, Priscilla Chan, Roman Tam, Choi Kom, Tiger Okoshi, Scott Hamilton, DD Jackson, Eugene Pao, and many more. Sylvain has been teaching privately as well as in colleges in Canada and Hong Kong.