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SEASON 1: MUSIC × FOOD – Ep. 4: Music and the Human Touch


Arthur PRYORThoughts of Love (excerpt)
BEETHOVEN|Romance no. 2 (excerpt)


“Phil Your Life” - MUSIC X FOOD Season 1 Finale!


Satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings with HK Phil Trombonist Kevin Thompson, who visits a Cha Chaan Teng in the episode “Music and the Human Touch” to discover more about Hong Kong local food. Hong Kong’s signature Fried Chicken Drumsticks and Yuen Yeung bring up “Thoughts of Love” for the place we call home. Traditional dessert Sugar Puff is made intricately, its crisp and buttery texture goes along really well with the silky Yuen Yeung, just like the rich and flowing melodies of Beethoven’s Romances. Enjoy the warmth of Hong Kong and sip it all in!

Season 1: MUSIC X FOOD

The HK Phil launches the first season of “Phil Your Life” – MUSIC X FOOD – in four episodes. Hong Kong is a “Food Paradise” and everyone loves the taste of Hong Kong. By blending music with the iconic foods of the city, everyone gets to share familiar flavours, and hope they will all want more!

Phil Your Life

Phil Your Life



The HK Phil is excited to present a brand new programme “Phil Your Life”, fusing music with food, wellness and storytelling. This new programme is designed to brighten up lives in a light-hearted way by drawing the amusing connections between music and daily life.


Starting a new chapter of the partnership, Swire and the HK Phil join hands to develop new community initiatives. This new “Phil Your Life” programme aims to bring the general public one step closer to classical music and open the door to classical music for the new audience. The programme will reveal the vibrant, cosmopolitan culture of Hong Kong through the lens of the HK Phil musicians and their music.

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