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Miyaka Suzuki Wilson

Born in Tokyo Japan, Miyaka Suzuki started her violin at age of 3. In 2001 Miyaka joined the Hong Kong Philharmonic. She had previously served as Concertmaster in orchestras, such as Tokyo Meros Chamber Orchestra in Tokyo, Ash Lawn Opera Orchestra in West Virginia, New Amsterdam Symphony, in NY. She also held positions in orchestras in the tri-state area, including Long Island Philharmonic and Harrisburg Symphony in Philadelphia.


Miyaka received full scholarship to study with Glenn Dicterow and Sheryl Stapels, Concertmaster and Principal Associate Concertmaster of New York Philharmonic at the Manhattan School of Music, where she graduated from Orchestral Program and received Diploma and Wittker award. She also graduated from Japanese prestige Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with full scholarship and Ikueikai Award, studied with Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Concertmaster of NHK Symphony, and the Mannes College of Music, where she obtained her first Master Degree.


Miyaka studied chamber music extensively with Felix Galimir, Joseph Silverstein, Isidra Cohen, Ruth Laredo, American String Quartet, and Orion String Quartet, has performed in many chamber music concerts, including with members of the New York Philharmonic, tour in Europe with Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival under Christoph Eschenbach, Sarasota Music Festival, Baroque Chamber Players.


Miyaka plays on Francesco Ruggeri 1678.