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Fox Chan King-hei

Being selected to The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) Fellowship Programme, Fox Chan King-hei is currently receiving training from the HK Phil in the 2021/22 Season. He first started learning the bassoon at the age of 12 with Angel Cheung. Under the tutelage of Kam Shui, former Principal Bassoon of the HK Phil, he graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in August 2021 with full scholarships from the ABRSM Scholarship (2017 – 2021).


Fox has played in masterclasses by Benjamin Moermond, Carlo Colombo, Riccardo Terzo and Daniel Jemison, and had experiences performing with different chamber ensembles and orchestras, such as Gustav Mahler Orchestra, Inheritage Philharmonic, Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia. Apart from his involvements in the local music scene, he was also a member of the 29th Asian Youth Orchestra with the tutor Giorgio Versiglia under the baton of Joseph Bastian and the late Richard Pontzious, and toured in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, etc.


Fox is one of the committee members of The Bassoonion. Not only being enthusiastic about music playing, but he is also keen on composition and arranging music for bassoons and woodwind ensembles, debuted in 2019, aiming at promoting local culture and bassoon music to the general public through classical and pop music.