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Swire Music for Everyone Series: Shostakovich Symphony No. 6

Swire Music for Everyone Series: Shostakovich Symphony No. 6
12 APR 2024
Fri 10:00am
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall



Shostakovich's sixth symphony transports listeners into the realms of spring, joy, and youthful spirit. However, beneath the surface of its seemingly cheerful melodies lies a deeper exploration of irony. Join us on a rare journey through this seldom-heard symphony, as we explore a different facet of Shostakovich's musical genius. Conductor Michael Sanderling's insightful analysis offers a fresh perspective on how we may perceive this remarkable composition.



SHOSTAKOVICH | Symphony no. 6


The event runs around 60 minutes without intermission.



I. Ticket Online Registration Details:
(Public registration starts at 10am on 2 APR 2024)

Tickets are limited, and are available on a first come, first-served basis.

Each email address may register for a maximum of 2 tickets and can only register once. Duplicated application will not be accepted.

To facilitate the registration smoothly, please sign up for an account on POPTICKET before registration in order to complete all details within the limited time. 

II. Admission Details:

This event is for ages 6 and above. Each ticket admits one person ONLY regardless of age
Seats are assigned based on the queueing order, it is recommended to arrive 45 minutes earlier
Late-comers might be refused for admission. Please be punctual
Please show the ticket(s) in the confirmation email or print it out to redeem the admission token. Audience members who fail to present may not be allowed to enter
Please do not forward the ticket to others. Duplicated tickets will not be accepted
Recording, filming and photo-taking are strictly prohibited
Please switch off your mobile phone and any other beeping devices before the event. Please reserve your applause until the end of the entire work

III. Terms and Conditions:

Programme and artists are subject to change without prior notice
Photography and recording might be conducted by the HK Phil during the event for future promotional purpose
The HK Phil reserves all rights of final arbitration in case of any dispute