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The main authorised sales platform for HK Phil concert tickets is Urbtix. Selected programmes will also be available at POPTICKET and/or ticketflap. Please refer to individual concert webpage at HK Phil website for details. Any person presenting unofficial ticket or replicated ticket will be denied entry.

Jockey Club Keys to Music Education Programme - HK Phil Lunchtime Chamber Music Concert @ Tai Kwun

Jockey Club Keys to Music Education Programme - HK Phil Lunchtime Chamber Music Concert @ Tai Kwun
15 MAR 2021
12:45 - 1:45pm
Tai Kwun Laundry Steps

Exclusive Sponsor

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust


The HK Phil will be performing lunchtime chamber music concerts at Tai Kwun. With live performances and introductions from our musicians, these free concerts are the perfect opportunity to relax your mind and learn more about music and the instruments of the orchestra, so just turn up and enjoy! 


Each concert lasts for around an hour.


Date & Time

15 MAR 202`1 (MON) 12:45 - 1:45pm



Cello Quartet



Julius KLENGEL| Theme and Variations, for four cellos, op. 28

Marsha SHAPIRO| Point Counterpoint

BACH (arr. HAMPTON)| Cello Suite no. 6: Sarabande

Georg GOLTERMANN| Morceaux de Salon, op. 53, no. 1, Religioso for four cellos

DEBUSSY| Children’s Corner: Golliwog’s Cake Walk

and more


What is Chamber Music?

The term ‘Chamber’ comes from the French word chambre, which means 'room’. So Chamber Music literally means music which can be performed in a room, and usually involves between two to ten players performing without a conductor. However, chamber music comes in all sorts of sizes and involves any manner of instruments.


What are the fun parts in playing chamber music?

Each musician is an individual. They have their unique part to play. When they play together, they are having a music discussion with each other. As there is no conductor, each musician has to listen carefully to themselves as well as to the others. It is an extreme example of team-work.


Enquiries: 2312 6103