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Joe Hisaishi in Concert

Joe Hisaishi in Concert

4-6 MAY 2018
Fri 8pm, Sat 3pm & 8pm, Sun 3pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

For ages 6 and above


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$1080 $880 $680 $480

Ticket enquiries 3761 6661


Joe HISAISHIThe East Land Symphony (Hong Kong premiere) (featuring Louise Kwong, soprano)
Joe HISAISHImládí for piano and strings
Joe HISAISHISymphonic Suite Castle in the Sky (Hong Kong premiere)


Japanese composer-conductor Joe Hisaishi makes a triumphant return to the HK Phil following his sensational first appearance here in 2010.


All four concerts will feature three orchestral pieces composed by Maestro Hisaishi. The first half will be the Hong Kong premiere of The East Land Symphony, a composition of Maestro Hisaishi in 2016. The grand orchestral piece consists of five movements, in which the Hong Kong soprano Louise Kwong, active on local and international stages, will be featured as the soloist. mládí for piano and strings gathers three pieces which the Maestro composed for the great Japanese director Kitano Takeshi’s films, namely Kikujiro’s Summer (or simply Summer), Kids Return and Hana-bi. The core piece of the second half will be the Hong Kong debut of the newly arranged Symphonic Suite Castle in the Sky (2017), drawing together the Maestro’s compositions in the famous motion picture Laputa, including the beautiful piano part to be played by the Maestro himself, creating an exceptional musical journey through the castle in the sky.

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  • No eating or drinking
  • No photography, recording or filming
  • Please turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices
  • Please keep noise to a minimum during the performance
  • Please reserve your applause until the end of the entire work