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Hong Kong Composers Showcase

Hong Kong Composers Showcase

Free Admission

Free Admission

Sat 3PM
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall


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Ticket enquiries 3761 6661

As part of the HK Phil’s ongoing commitment to the development of Hong Kong talent, the HK Phil has commissioned four emerging Hong Kong composers to write a short festive overture for orchestra. The commissioned works will be workshopped, with HK Phil Music Director Jaap van Zweden publicly discussing each piece with its composer. The works will then be performed, with conductor Aldert Vermeulen on the podium, after which the audience will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite piece. Admission to the event is free.

Registration will begin at 10am on 19 December 2016.

“Climbing to the light” by Kai-young Chan was voted the favourite piece at the HK Phil’s Hong Kong Composer Showcase by audience! The piece will be performed by the orchestra in the 2017/18 season.





  • No eating or drinking
  • No photography, recording or filming
  • Please turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices
  • Please keep noise to a minimum during the performance
  • Please reserve your applause until the end of the entire work

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