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Fung Dic-lun

Fung Dic-lun

FUNG Dic-lun is currently a Ph. D. candidate (music composition) under the supervision of Prof. CHAN Hing-yan at the University of Hong Kong, where he received his M. Phil. (Music Composition), and B. A. degree (Music – First Class Honors).


FUNG has exposed to Chinese music since young, and his interest further expands into ethnic music. Being well-known for composing with mixed use of ethnic and Western instruments, and unconventional instrumentations, he has achieved several international awards: 1st prize in Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition (2015), 2nd prize in Sayat Nova International Composition Competition (2014), honourable mention in Atlas Ensemble Composition Competition (2014), 3rd runner-up in the 10th Luxembourg Sinfonietta International Composition Prize (2013), etc. His works are heard in both international and local concerts, including Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, the U. S. A., Russia, South Korea, and Indonesia; also in renowned festivals ISCM – WMD and International Gaudeamus Music Week.


FUNG’s works have been performed by guanzi virtuoso Ya-zhi Guo, pipa virtuoso Jia Yu, 4 Gig Heads Percussion Group, Ensemble Gending, HRT Tamburitza Orchestra, Atlas Ensemble, International Ensemble Modern Academy, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Ensemble Proton Bern, and Sentieri Selvaggi. He has received commissions from South Korea National Gugak Center, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Lok Sum Chinese Orchestra, and Musicus Society.

As the only selected participants from Hong Kong, FUNG is invited to write a new work for EXPO Milano 2015’s project “Feeding Music.”