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Zhang Guoyong

Zhang Guoyong

Zhang Guoyong studied conducting at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under the direction of Prof Huang Xiaotong. In 1993 he was sponsored by the Chinese government to undertake four years’ study at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory where he studied under Gennady Rozhdestvensky. He is now the Professor and the Dean of Conducting Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Principal Conductor of the Shanghai Opera House and the Music Director of the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra.

His repertory encompasses symphony, opera, ballet and symphonic chorus, and he is expert in Russian works, especially Shostakovich’s symphonies. Wherever he has performed, he has always impressed the audience and musicians with his sharp hearing, strong basic skills, efficient rehearsal method and appropriate handling of the music’s structure.

In recent years he has been invited as national representative to take part in important international events including the gala concert of the Sino-American Culture Year, Sino-French Culture Year, Sino-German Culture Year, Sino-Russian Culture Year and Sino-Latin America Culture Year. In 2014 he conducted National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)’s HDMI opera movie Carmen and Rickshaw Boy. The following year he was invited to join the NCPA’s tour to Italy, and in 2016 he conducted the China Philharmonic’s premiere in Russia.

Zhang Guoyong is Vice Chairman of Shanghai Musicians Association and of the China Musicians Association.