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Liu Tao
Liu Tao

The renowned baritone Liu Tao is Associate Professor of Opera at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and teaches operatic singing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is also a member of various official organisations in China, including The Chinese Musicians' Association, Zhejiang Province Musicians’ Association, The 14th  Provincial Committee of Zhejiang (as part of the Revolutionary Committee Of The Chinese Kuomintang). He vice-chairs the Zhejiang Committee of Professional Singers and The Korean-Chinese-American International Art Education Society. Besides, he was the recipient of the Award for Excellent Artistic Contribution of the Zhejiang Province in 2021. 


Liu attended the Wuhan Conservatory of Music between 2006 and 2013 and graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. During this period, he went on study trips to Rome, Milan and Sicily and took part in vocal competitions in these cities. His voice teachers include renowned singers like Jiang Ming, Yang Yan, Wei Song, Luo Wei and Liu Changyong.  


Liu has won numerous prizes in vocal competitions, including the 13th Golden Bell Awards in Bel Canto Singing (First Prize), Huang Long Musical Season 2019 – Bel Canto Singing (Gold Award) and Bel Canto Singing Super Tournament (Grand Prize), “The New Pine Project” – The Zhejiang Province Young Singers Competition (Gold Award) and the 43rd  Vincenzo Bellini International Vocal Competition (“The Paolo Silveri Award for Best Baritone”). Liu performed My Motherland and I in the gala concert “Hangzhou, A Living Poem”, an important cultural event during the G20 Summit (that song was sung by Liao Changyong in the first performance of the show). He was also invited by the CCTV to take part in the programme Symphony of the New Year. Moreover, he has also been active in opera performances, appearing in original operas written in Chinese, such as The Red Boat, Song of the Nation, Daughter of the Party, Morning Bells and Where is the Wind Blowing From