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Special notice


In view of the latest situation of COVID-19 and uncertainties in global business travels, along with discussions with our tour presenters, performing venues and related partners, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s (HK Phil) tour to Japan and Korea, originally have been rescheduled to a later time of the year, now has been cancelled.

The HK Phil, Music Director Jaap van Zweden, our Board of Governors as well as the administration put the health and well-being of our audience, players and staff at the forefront of our priorities. We sincerely hope that the orchestra’s home city, as well as other parts of the world, will recover soon and overcome the current challenging situation. The orchestra and its Music Director Jaap van Zweden look forward to performing for audiences in Japan and Korea in the near future.

The HK Phil would like to thank our tour presenters in Japan and Korea, our performing venue partners, as well as sponsors, for their support.
Ticket holders for the affected concerts, please visit websites of relevant performing venues for ticketing assistance.

Dr Michael Pittman

Dr Michael Pittman

Michael Pittman is a multi-disciplinary vertebrate palaeontologist from HK. He earned a BSc in geology from University College London in 2006 before progressing to an MSc in Geoscience (Palaeobiology) in 2007. He pursued a PhD on “The Evolution and Biomechanics of Dinosaurian Tails” with Prof. Paul Upchurch and Prof. John R Hutchinson, completing it in 2012.
His primary research interests are the evolution of dinosaurs, particularly the origins of birds and flight, as well as fossil imaging techniques and the evolutionary biomechanics of vertebrates. His work involves excavating and studying fossils from around the world including mainland China and further afield in the US and Argentina.
He leads HKU’s Vertebrate Palaeontology Laboratory in the Department of Earth Sciences, where they conduct cutting-edge research and train the next generation of world-class palaeontologists. He produces and instructs the award-winning free HKU online course Dinosaur Ecosystems.


He has had a lifelong interest in classical music. From Mozart to Mendelssohn to Mussorgsky, he is constantly amazed by its power to conjure strong imagery and emotions. Helping to prepare this programme has been a very special experience for him, as some of his earliest exposure to classical music involved the HK Phil -- a visit by principal cellist Richard Bamping to his local secondary school. He hopes today’s concert can help to encourage younger listeners to discover the wonders of classical music, just as his experiences did for him.