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Angela Yau Shing-yam


Ms Angela Yau Shing-yam

Ms Angela Yau

Ms Angela Yau is a CEO of a HK financial services group and has been active in promoting harp education internationally. Ms Yau founded the Hong Kong Harp Chamber Music and Hong Kong Harp Society. She is a Board Member of the prestigious USA International Harp Competition. Ms Yau was also a Board Member of the World Harp Congress in 2011-2022.  She co-hosted the 13th World Harp Congress in Hong Kong in 2017, which attracted over 1,000 harpists from around the world. The Hong Kong International Harp Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Harp Society is now the largest harp contest in the world. Hong Kong has become the Asian harp capital.  
Ms Yau has a Bachelor's degree of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering)-Waterloo, Master of Engineering (HKU), MBA (INSEAD) and LLB (London University). She has also been active in technology and youth development areas as the founding Board Members of the HKU MEICOM Alumni Association and the Youth Arch Foundation.