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“Phil Your Life” Season 3: MUSIC X STORYTELLING
Revealing Secrets of Orchestral Music via Visual Narratives

29 JUL 2022

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[29 July 2022, Hong Kong] The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra(HK Phil)’s acclaimed Phil Your Lifereveals secrets of orchestral music in Season 3 through playful storytelling, HK Phil performances and various art forms. The first episode, titled The Four Families Conflict, is released on HK Phil online platforms today. The upcoming two episodes, titled The Amazing Moving Company - The Story of Mr Bee and New Style Story Collection: How Much Can You Accept?, will be available in August and September 2022 respectively.


Featuring various visual art forms, such as animation, paper puppet and sand art, Season 3 tells creative short stories catered for all ages to present fun facts about orchestra seating, Beethoven’s life and the evolution of musical styles.


The first episode, titled The Four Families Conflict, demonstrates the rationale behind the current orchestral seating by portraying a dispute among four fictional royal orchestral families represented by personifications of musical instruments.


Swire and the HK Phil have joined hands to develop new community initiatives since 2021. The “Phil Your Life” series aims to bring the general public one step closer to classical music, and open the door to classical music for the new audience. It is designed to brighten up lives in a light-hearted way by drawing the amusing connections between music and daily life. The first two seasons have brought music into dialogue with food and wellness respectively. All episodes of both seasons are available at and other HK Phil online platforms.


Starting from today (29 July)*, “Phil Your Life – MUSIC X STORYTELLING” goes live with one episode per month on HK Phil website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Bilibili. Stay tuned for further updates on HK Phil’s online platforms!



 “Phil Your Life” – MUSIC X STORYTELLING Broadcast Schedule

Ep. 1: The Four Families Conflict


Theme: orchestral seating



BERNSTEIN | On the Town: Three Dance Episodes, Times Square: 1944


Medium: paper puppet

29 July 2022

Ep. 2: The Unbelievable Moving Company - The Story of Mr Bee


Theme: ingenuity of Beethoven's music


Music: excerpts of Beethoven’s music


Medium: sand art


Sand artist: Cheng Wing

August 2022

Ep. 3: New Style Story Collection: How Much Can You Accept?


Theme: development of musical styles


Music: from Baroque to 20th century


Medium: animation

September 2022