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Focused Ensemble Visit 



NEW Focused Ensemble Online Session: 


The ensemble coaching will be conducted in a brand new online format, in view of the current COVID-19 situation. 


We invite schools to submit a recently filmed performance video by a school ensemble, which can be orchestra, concert band, string ensemble, chamber group including trio, quartet or quintet. Selected videos will be commented by the HK Phil musicians.  


In addition to written comments, HK Phil musicians will share professional insights and thoughts on ensemble skills, musical interpretation and advice on instrumental practice. To double up the benefits of your participations, ensemble members of participating schools are invited to join together two online meeting sessions with the HK Phil musicians, in which their performance videos will be shown and commented. We believe that students will widen their horizon immensely through appreciating each other’s performance.


Please submit a performance video and a copy of the music score together with the completed application form by 3 May 2022 (Tuesday).  

Selected schools will be contacted by 16 May 2022 (Monday).  

Written commentary and online meeting session will be shared and schduled between May to July 2022.   



 Application Form