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Beethoven Project

Beethoven Project

19 & 20 MAR 2019 Tue & Wed 7:30pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

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$800, $700, $600, $500, $400, $300

Ticket enquiries 3761 6661

Filled with beauty, invention and energy, John Neumeier's choreography has made Hamburg Ballet a world-class ensemble. Beethoven Project is Neumeier's choreographic tribute to Beethoven featuring exquisite dance set to incomparable music, portraying Beethoven and his musical resonance on stage through piano solo, piano trio, string quartet and symphony orchestra.

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

For more details, please visit the official website of HK Arts Festival.



Please switch off you mobile phone and any other beeping device before the concert. Except with permission from the management, record, filming and photography are not allowed. If the music contains more than one movement, kindly reserve your applause until the end of the entire work.