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Zhang Xueliang

Zhang Xueliang

Zhang Xueliang is a professor at the School of Music, South China Normal University, as well as a member of the Musician’s Association of the Guangdong Province and the executive council of the Singer’s Association of the Guangdong Province – both are Chinese official organizations for professional musicians.

He was the winner in the 2nd Yang Soo Hwa International Voice Competition in Korea and a multiple medallist in the Golden Bell Award of Chinese Music, one of the most prestigious voice competitions in mainland China. Official recognition came when he was named by the Musician’s Association of the Guangdong Province as one of the best musicians in the province in 2013 and the awardee of the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015.

Zhang has sung in many important performances, and collaborated with various local orchestras including those based in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and the South China Normal University. He regularly works with famous Chinese conductors like Zhang Guoyong, Lin Daye, Fu Renzhang and Liao Yuan.

His roles include Guan Tianpei in the Chinese cantata Humen Howling and Pollione in Bellini’s Norma. He has also performed as the tenor soloist in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.