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Kay Tse

One of the primer female Chinese pop stars, Kay Tse is a recording artist and entertainer born and raised in Hong Kong. She made her music debut in 2005 and quickly became a prominent artist in the Cantonpop scene. She is known of her remarkable vocal range and expert skill in various genres, including pop, alternative, rock, soul and jazz in particular. From her first multiple-chart-topping song in 2008, Wedding Invitation Street, she has produced one acclaimed album after another, sweeping the board across Hong Kong’s four major music awards. The album Binary led to Hong Kong’s Media Awards both for the album and the performer in 2009. “Yelling LIVE 2009” was Kay’s first headlining tour, with the album subsequently rising to the top ten bestselling album of 2009. Kay has been honoured with the “Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award” and was selected as a “Young Leader” by the Southern People Weekly of mainland China.