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Guillermo Salvat

Guillermo  Salvat

A professional Tango performer since 1999, Guillermo Salvat joined the cast of the show Una Noche de Tango in Buenos Aires in 2001. Since then he has performed and taught in over 30 countries in the five continents. He has been part of prestigious companies such as Tangox2 and Solo Tango, and has participated as guest star in shows like Tango & Fire, Piazzolla Puro, Soñando Tangos (Italy), and as choreographer in Estampas Porteñas (Australia and New Zealand), Magia de Tango (Colombia) and Masters of Tango (USA). He has performed in the Sydney Opera House, the Kremlin Theatre in Moscow, the Teatro Brancaccio in Rome, the Canecaô in Rio de Janeiro and the Luna Park in Buenos Aires, as well as at the most prestigious tango show in Buenos Aires, Esquina Carlos Gardel and Rojo Tango. He represented Argentina at the World Expos in 2000 Hanover, 2005 Aichi and 2010 Shanghai.

In 2006 he founded his own company and released the show Tango-A-Tierra. This has been presented so far in Buenos Aires, South Africa, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Chile and Brazil, and in 40 cities in four continents, with extraordinary success.