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Fang Qiong

Fang Qiong is a renowned vocalist and professor. She now serves as the Director of the Voice and Opera Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM), the Vice President of the National Vocality and Art Institution of China, and Director of the Vocal Music Professional Committee of the Shanghai Musician Association. 


Fang Qiong completed her study at the Voice and Opera Department of SHCM under the tutelage of Professors Zheng Ti and Zhou Xiaoyan. Upon graduation, she went to the US in 2021 as a government-sponsored scholar at the University of Maryland's Music College and started  academic activities between China and US. 


Fang Qiong is winner for several significant award, including the first prize in the 7th National Young Singers Awards Competition, the Shanghai Yucai Award for Educationalist,  and Baogang Education Foundation Award. She has also been entitled to honors including Model Individual for National Unity awarded by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Model Worker.

Fang Qiong has been jury member for many state-level vocal competitions including the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music and the National Young Singers Awards Competition.
Being a lecturer and tutor at the Voice and Opera Department of SHCM for more than 20 years, Professor Fang has achieved outstanding results in terms of teaching. Her students have been active on the stage many of whom have won prizes in national vocal contests, including the National Young Singers Awards Competition, the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, to name a few.

The "New Dreams on the Sea" Fang Qiong Solo Concert, with Fang Qiong as the artistic director featuring classic tunes from Shanghai, has been toured among more than 30 major cities in China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as Southeast Asia. 

In recent years, the academic project on the vocal delivery of classical poetry "Chang Xiang Zhi," with Professor Fang Qiong as the project leader, has been recognized and supported the National Arts Foundation and has also been listed as a first-class National Undergraduate Course and a general project of the National Social Science Foundation.