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Eliana Sanchez Arteaga

Eliana Sanchez Arteaga

Eliana Sanchez Arteaga was born in Buenos Aires, and started dancing at the age of nine. She discovered the world of tango when she was 17, and since 2000 has been teaching at various tango studios in Buenos Aires.

Her restlessness as a teacher made her decide to found, together with Martín Ojeda, the Estudio Mora Godoy in 2002 in which she could express all her talents as a teacher and choreographer.

The following year Eliana toured Europe giving workshops and performances in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Cornwall, Sofía, Athens, Thessalonica, Darmstadt, Rome, Osnabruck, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Berlin, Cologne, Oslo, Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Bristol and Paris. She also teaches and choreographs Tango in Australia and South East Asia.

Eliana danced with the Argentine National Academy of Tango, and represented Argentina in presenting Tango to the world at the Expo 2010 Shanghai and Expo 2012 Yeosu. She judged and held workshops at the World Tango Festival, International Tango Festival, and World Tango Championships.

Since 2016 Eliana has been living in Hong Kong, sharing her culture and teaching Argentine Tango.