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Cloud Wan

Cloud Wan debuted as a newcomer in 2022, and has already won an array of music awards, including Ultimate Female Newcomer (Gold) in the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation 2022, Most Promising Female Newcomer (Gold) in Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award, Female Newcomer (Silver) in Chill Club Chart Award Presentation 22/23, Hits Newcomer Prize in Metro Radio Hits Music Awards 2022, and more.


Cloud is passionate about music. She studied playing the piano, clarinet and vocal singing from a young age, and often participated in and won prizes in singing competitions as a student. In 2020, Cloud joined the reality talent show King Maker III and earned the audience’s favour with her unique personality, clean-cut appearance, wit, penetrating voice, and infectious and varied performances. In the final round of the show, she received the most votes from the audience and placed fourth overall.


Cloud signed with Media Asia Music in 2022 and released four hits in different styles that year, including “Turbulence”, which topped the charts on all four radio stations. In December 2022, she released her debut album The Cloud, featuring the four aforementioned songs and two bonus tracks in which she sang while playing the piano.


In 2023, Cloud continues to showcase her charisma and singing skills, even participating in song production as a singer-songwriter. Her clear, emotive voice and stable singing are well received by the audience. These are also recognised by many in the music industry, who see her prospects as boundless as the most promising and anticipated new generation female singer.