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For the HK Phil’s concerts scheduled in February, we are now communicating closely with these venues (including Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsuen Wan Town Hall and others) to find out if these concerts are going on as planned or shall be cancelled. The HK Phil will make further announcement on website and Facebook. Stay tuned and thank you.

Festival Hong Kong 2019 – A Cultural Extravaganza @ Shanghai 

Festival Hong Kong 2019 – A Cultural Extravaganza @ Shanghai 

14 NOV 2019
Thu 7:30pm
Shanghai Oriental Art Center

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WAGNERTristan und Isolde: Prelude and Liebestod
RAVELPiano Concerto in G
CHAN Kai-youngSpiraling Dreamscape (World Premiere)
SHOSTAKOVICHSymphony no. 9


Spiraling Dreamscape - This piece deals with the common creative occurrence of experiencing the most wonderful original music or art in dreams yet struggling to realize them or put it down while awake. The piece ruminates on a single melodic cell derived from a Cantonese phrase, and how it spirals throughout its transformations in pitch within the intelligible framework of lexical contour, as well as whimsical textures and pointillistic colors. 


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