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Up, Up, and Away! 
Embark on a Debussy Adventure with the HK Phil and Happy Gabby
Happy Gabby’s Debussy Musical Adventure (15 May)

7 MAY 2021

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[7May 2021, Hong Kong] Let’s go to France with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil)andthe happy, curious, kind and adventurous Happy Gabby! Guided by conductor Andrew Ling, who is also the HK Phil’s Principal Viola, together with presenter Edmond Kok and poem reciter Jean-Sébastien Attié, this concert presents a plethora of works by Debussy mostly composed for children, especially his beloved daughter nicknamed “Chou-Chou”.


The first piece will be an orchestration of Clair de Lune, which translates as “Moonlight”. Reflecting the “sad and beautiful light of the moon”, this piece was inspired by a poem of the same name from which many other composers drew inspiration.


La boîte à joujoux (“The Toy Box”) was intended for a short ballet which tells the story of a knight, a princess, and a polichinelle (a character that resembles a clown). At the time, lots of children played a similar game with knights fighting to win the love of a princess and then both living happily ever after.


Specifically composed for his daughter’s third birthday, Children’s Corner contains many intimate memories between Debussy and Chou-Chou. The most musically and historically interesting piece of the suite is also the finale to this concert: Golliwog’s Cakewalk incorporates jazz and material from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. The Golliwog doll was a popular toy found in every 19th century toy box along with a Teddy Bear.


Dress up as your favourite toy and let Happy Gabby use his power to transport all of us to France through music for an adventure!


This concert is suitable for ages 3 or above, conducted in Cantonese and English, and will last for 1 hour with no interval.


Happy Gabby

Happy Gabby’s Debussy Musical Adventure will be presented on 15 May 2021 (Sat) at 11AM & 3PM in the Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium. Tickets are HK$380, $280 and $180 and are available at URBTIX. For enquiries, please call +852 2721 2332 or visit




Andrew Ling, conductor [full description]
Hong Kong-native Andrew Ling is a concert violist and violinist, conductor, and music educator. Currently Principal Violist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew has earned acclaim for his orchestral playing and solo recitals worldwide. His appearances as concert soloist have included the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and the China Film Orchestra.


Edmond Kok, presenter [full description]
Edmond Kok is a multi-talented local theatre artist. Starting his career as a fashion designer in the 90s, he realised his passion to be an actor and comedian through participating in various theatre performances. In 2004 he furthered his studies in the US with Master Clown “Frosty” Little, and subsequently founded his own clown and theatre company, “Clownival Clownival”.




15 | 5 | 2021
SAT 11AM & 3PM
Tsuen Wan Town Hall Auditorium
HK $380 $280 $180
Tickets now available at URBTIX
For ages 3 and above




Andrew Ling


Edmond Kok



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Andrew Ling

Edmond Kok

HK Phil
Andrew Ling
Photo Credit: Yankov Wong
Edmond KokHong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Photo Credit: Eric Hong/HK Phil




DEBUSSY (arr. Luck)

Clair de lune

DEBUSSYLa boîte à joujoux (The Toy-Box)

Children's Corner: The Snow is Dancing, Golliwog's Cake-Walk


Poem Reciter: Jean-Sébastien Attié
*The Happy Gabby concert is inspired by the Happy Gabby Children's Music Book Series




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