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Special notice

The main authorised sales platform for HK Phil concert tickets is Urbtix. Selected programmes will also be available at POPTICKET and/or ticketflap. Please refer to individual concert webpage at HK Phil website for details. Any person presenting unofficial ticket or replicated ticket will be denied entry.

After Hours Classics

After Hours Classics
29 DEC 2018
SAT 6:00-7:00pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer




Fancy some joyful music for the weekend? Come and join our “After Hours Classics” one-hour free chamber music concert, performed by guest artist Tine Thing Helseth and our brass quintet at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer. Enjoy a vibrant evening of bossa nova vibes and light-hearted brass music!


Samuel SCHEIDTGalliard Battaglia

Enrique CRESPO Suite Americana no. 1

Oskar BÖHME Brass Sextet, op. 30

Joseph HOROVITZ Music Hall Suite

and more!