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The Dinosaur Footprints

Music For Kids

The Dinosaur Footprints

28 NOV 2020 (Sat) 3:00pm
Yuen Long Theatre Auditorium

For aged 3 and above

Venue Information

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$380 $320 $260 $180

Date for public sales to be announced

Ticketing enquiries (URBTIX): 3761 6661
Programme enquiries: 2721 2332


John WILLIAMS Jurassic Park: Main Theme
SAINT-SAËNS The Carnival of the Animals: Fossils
GRIEGPeer Gynt: In the Hall of the Mountain King
ROSSINILa gazza ladra Overture
MUSSORGSKYNight on Bald Mountain


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? We might not like them quite so much if Tyrannosaurus Rex and his raptor buddies still roamed the earth, but through the power of music we can experience them at close hand without any scary encounters! Hear how dinosaurs have been portrayed in music and, along the way, you will learn some interesting facts about these long extinct but fascinating creatures.





I. House Rules:

  • No eating or drinking
  • No photography, recording or filming
  • Please turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices
  • Please keep noise to a minimum during the performance
  • Please reserve your applause until the end of the entire work


II. Admission Details:

  • Masks must be worn throughout the venue and the concert hall
  • Temperature check is arranged at designated entrances
  • Please come within 15 minutes of the admission time
  • Use the disinfectant dispensers
  • Always keep social distancing
  • Your seat may be adjusted to meet the requirements of preventive measures.
  • Persons with symptoms of illness and people who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients within the last 14 days may not attend the performance