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Chenchu Rong

Chenchu Rong
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Chenchu Rong, solo percussionist of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, is part of a new generation of dynamic young percussionists. She starting playing Western percussion at the age of 12, and later began simultaneously studying Chinese percussion, graduating in 2011 from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and was immediately offered a position at the Shanghai National Orchestra.

In 2012 she was awarded the National Ethnic Arts Festival's 'Best Actor' award as well as winning the prestigious title of Shanghai Grand Theater Arts Center's 'Best Employee'. She was also the 10th Hong Kong Synergy 24 Hour Drum Tournament Challenge's champion and was awarded the title of 'Outstanding Artist in Shanghai'. The following year she won Third Place in the International Professional Multi-Percussion Competition held in Athens, Greece, and in 2014 won the Gold medal in Singapore's first Chinese Percussion Ensemble contest.

In addition to performing traditional Chinese music and Western classical music, Chenchu Rong performs pop music. While utilizing her deep understanding of music, as well as her fresh insights and unique worldview, she is able to bring new ideas and concepts to her performances and break the traditional patterns of music to explore uncharted new musical territories.