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Support the HK Phil – Donate Your Ticket(s) to the "Student Ticket Fund"

Thank you very much for thinking about us during this challenging time. Your support enables us to nurture our young audience through providing half-priced tickets for over 12,000 local full-time students each year.


Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible. The donation receipt will be sent to the address below by mail.
Your support is greatly appreciated.


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  • The above ticket donation is only available for the cancelled concerts from April to July 2020. If you wish to donate the value of ticket(s) for the cancelled concerts originally scheduled between January and March 2020, please contact the HK Phil Ticketing Office by email
  • Please upload photo(s) of your ticket(s). If you wish to donate more than one ticket, you may include multiple tickets in one photo. Please make sure that the ticket information (e.g. Concert Date, Price) is clearly shown in the photo(s). 
  • If you haven’t collected your ticket(s) from URBTIX yet, please upload your purchase confirmation email from URBTIX.
  • By submitting this form, you accept and agree the Privacy Policy available in HK Phil website.