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Special notice

The main authorised sales platform for HK Phil concert tickets is Urbtix. Selected programmes will also be available at POPTICKET and/or ticketflap. Please refer to individual concert webpage at HK Phil website for details. Any person presenting unofficial ticket or replicated ticket will be denied entry.

After Hours Classics

After Hours Classics
25 JUN 2019
TUE 6:00-7:00pm 
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer




After a hectic Tuesday, let your mind travel to Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the company of our string quintet. Simply walk in and enjoy music that draws from the colourful world of Czech and Georgian folk melodies. Everyone is welcome to this hour-long free chamber concert!


DVOŘÁKString Quintet in G major, op. 77

VAJA AZARASHVILI Old Tbilisi Pictures