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Rebecca Lee

Founder and Director of Polar Museum Foundation

Rebecca Lee has transformed herself from a professional graphic designer, painter, photographer and writer to a polar researcher in the last 30 years.

Pursuit of innovation has resulted in her being recognized as the first Hong Kong woman explorer to reach the Arctic, Antarctic and Mount Everest Region She was the author of more than fourteen books, organized numerous educational exhibitions and produced TV documentaries about the world we live in.

Her personal integrity is seen in her courage, resilience, and survival in extreme conditions and adversity. She has been to the Arctic ten times, Antarctica eight times and to Mount Everest region four times. Her work shows a true love for our planet and mankind.

Rebecca has delivered hundreds of lectures to primary and secondary school students, university undergraduates in Hong Kong, Macau and China about her work, adventure and latest scientific findings on the environment. They are inspired to take a more serious attitude towards life and to conserve and protect the environment.

The community has benefited tremendously from her public education efforts. She is contributing significantly to the goal of environmental protection.

‧SAR Hong Kong Medal of Honour
‧World Outstanding Chinese
‧Outstanding Leader Award Hong Kong
‧Polar Museum Foundation Limited Founder
‧Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department (Science) Adviser
‧Scout Association of Hong Kong Programme Committee Vice Chairman
‧H.K. Association for the Advancement of Science Technology President 2012
‧China Association for Expedition Council Member
‧The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Honourable Fellow
‧The Society of Woman Geographers (USA) Corresponding Member