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Johnny Yim

Johnny Yim started learning piano at the age of 6, first under a teacher, and then, since he was 13 years old on, as an autodidact. He combined his passion for music with a major in Mathematics in York University, in Toronto, Canada. His first public performances were in shopping malls, ballet schools and karaokes in Toronto. His breakthrough in the music industry took place in 2004, when he won the 16th C.A.S.H. Songwriting Quest in Hong Kong. This award propelled his versatile music career as a music arranger, producer, composer and concert director. As a professional musician, Yim has been awarded as a composer (34th and 37th RTHK music awards), arranger (2009 TVB / 2014 CRHK), and producer (2012 TVB / 2015 Cantopop Chart). Yim works with numerous well-established singers such as Alan Tam, Hins Cheung, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee, Agatha Kong, Joyce Cheng, Alfred Hui, among others, as well as with upcoming talents such as Gigi Yim, Yumi Chung, Chantel Yiu, Archie Sin and Windy Zhan, from the singing contest show STARS Academy that TVB has recently launched.