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Ivana Wong
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Ivana is Hong Kong’s foremost Female Singer-songwriter who was acclaimed as a “Star-quality Singer with a Celestial Voice” when she first joined the musical industry in 2005.  In subsequent years, she swept the board of Creative Singer Awards as well as Songwriting Awards, and for seven consecutive years she achieved Commercial Radio Singer-Songwriter Awards, and four times Singer-Songwriter Gold Awards, for which she was widely acclaimed as “The Queen of Singer Songwriters”.

In 2011, the theme song “Missed Address” for the movie “A Beautiful Life” directed by Andrew Lau Wai-keung, written and sung by Ivana got nominated as Best Original Film Song in a Movie Picture.  In 2012, her song “Stay White” achieved the 2012 Golden Song JSG Award (Jade Solid Gold Awards Presentation).  Her debut concert held in the Hong Kong Coliseum in October 2011, “The Water Lily Concert”, led by three renowned musical directors working with an orchestra of forty-two musicians, was considered unprecedented and phenomenal, and was recognized by all as an “Art Show Upsurge that Overpowers the HK Coliseum”. 

Apart from being a professional singer, Ivana has made a number of appearances in drama acting.  In 2010, she appeared in the musical drama “Octave”, which held a record of nineteen full-house shows, and the music she wrote for this drama was nominated for The Best Original Music Score in a Drama in the 20th Hong Kong Drama Society Award.  In 2011, her appearance in the Broadway Musical “I Love You Because” brought her the first nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the 21st Hong Kong Drama Award Presentation.  Ever since then, she rose to the fame of a talented and professional actress.  In 2013, she appeared the first time as actress-in-a-main-role in the TVB series “Inbound Troubles”.  Her spontaneous and impressive acting took audience and entertainment critics by surprise, and was widely loved and highly acclaimed by audience at large.  Subsequently in the same year, she took the role of Wu Lu, as her debut filming career, in the Lunar New Year movie “Golden Chicken SSS”.    Her acting was so good that it excited everybody’s heart, this role brought her accolade “Best Newcomer” and “Best Supporting Actress” of The 34th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2015, and hence forth consolidated her talented professional career as an all-round-artist in singing, songwriting and acting.