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2021/22 Season Frequently Asked Questions




  1. How do I purchase tickets this season?

    In this season we offer a more flexible ticketing scheme with attractive discounts across multiple programmes at URBTIX instead of the usual subscription. For details of the discount scheme, please refer to Discount Scheme.

  2. Where can I purchase tickets?

    Tickets are available at URBTIX outlets, website, mobile app, and credit card booking hotline. Selected concerts may also be available on KLOOK, Popticket and Ticketflap. For more details, please CLICK HERE or refer to the Ticketing section in the Programme Brochure.


  3. Can I refund my ticket if I cannot come to the concert?
    All tickets sold through URBTIX are non-refundable (except cancellations), irrespective of whether the tickets have been collected.


  4. Can I swap my tickets with tickets to another concert?
    Any HK Phil ticket(s) purchased from URBTIX can be exchanged for another performance (if any) of the same programme at the same venue by paying a handling fee. You cannot swap your tickets to another programme. Visit any URBTIX outlet with your intact ticket for this service, subject to availability.
  5. Can I upgrade my ticket to a higher price category ticket?
    Yes, but you will have to pay for the price difference and a handling fee. You may upgrade for a different available seat in the same programme at the same venue (if available) at URBTIX outlets. You cannot upgrade your tickets to another programme. Visit any URBTIX outlet with your intact ticket for this service, subject to availability.
  6. Under what circumstances will I have to pay a handling fee?
    Apart from the ticket swap and upgrade procedures listed above which require a handling fee, any tickets purchased via the URBTIX website, mobile ticketing app and telephone booking also subject to a non-refundable handling fee. 
  7. How do I collect my tickets if I purchased them via URBTIX website, mobile ticketing app or telephone booking?
    You may collect your tickets at any URBTIX outlet or Cityline Ticket Dispensing Machine (UTDM). You may also request mailing and courier services with an additional charge. Please refer to the URBTIX website for more details on mailing and courier services. 
  8. How many tickets am I allowed to purchase in each transaction?

    You may purchase up to 40 tickets in each transaction. Some popular programmes have a limit on the number of tickets you may purchase for each transaction, please refer to the details on the individual concert page on the HK Phil website and UBRTIX website.

  9. When can I buy tickets?

    Tickets for the first phase (SEP - DEC 2021) of the 2021/22 season will be available at URBTIX from 4 August 2021 (Wed) 10AM until one hour before the performance commences. 

  10. Anything else I need to be aware of when purchasing tickets at URBTIX website and mobile ticketing app?

    There is a time limit of 15 minutes to complete your transaction on the URBTIX website and mobile ticketing app. Please make sure all order details are prepared beforehand and confirm that the discount has been applied before checking out.

  11. When will the next phase of programmes be announced?

    The next phase of programmes will be anounced in November 2021. Please stay tuned to the HK Phil website and social media platforms for the latest updates.


  1. What is this 2021/22 discount scheme?
    For purchasing standard tickets at URBTIX, the general public can enjoy up to 20% off, while Club Bravo members are entitled up to an exclusive 30% off. Please CLICK HERE or refer to the Ticketing section (p.12) in the Programme Brochure for the discount details.


  2. If I purchase more than one ticket for the same concert programme, do I still have a discount?
    The discount scheme is for multiple-concert programmes. Purchasing multiple tickets for the same performance and purchasing a ticket for more than one performances of the same programme will not be eligible for discount. Only purchasing multiple-concert programmes will allow you to enjoy the discounts. Club Bravo members have a base discount of 15% off for standard tickets regardless of the number of programmes purchased. 
  3. Are the discounts cumulative?
    No, the discount is calculated for each transaction and cannot be carried to the next transaction. Purchasing multiple-concert programmes in a single transaction will allow you to enjoy maximum benefit. 
  4. Can I enjoy the discount scheme in this season when purchasing concessionary tickets?
    No, the discount scheme only applies to standard tickets. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, including concessionary tickets. 
  5. Who is eligible for concessionary tickets?
    Full-time students, citizens ages 60 and above, people with disabilities and CSSA recipients are eligible for half-price concessionary tickets. Concessionary ticket holders will be admitted only on production of acceptable proof of identity.
  6. Will concessionary tickets run out?
    Half-priced concessionary tickets are limited and available on a first come first served basis.
  7. Is this discount scheme applicable to the whole season?
    We are announcing the 2021/22 season in phases, the first discount scheme will only be applicable to programmes from September to December 2021.


  1. What is a Club Bravo membership?

    A Club Bravo membership allows you to enjoy many exclusive privileges and benefits, including up to an exclusive 30% off when purchasing standard tickets at URBTIX. Please see for further details.


  2. Are there any other benefits for Club Bravo members?
    You will have registration priority to our free concerts and events, including Swrie Symphony Under The Stars and “Swire Classic Insights” series. You will also enjoy exclusive member discounts at designated merchants.
  3. How do I join Club Bravo?
    The Club Bravo membership is valued at $300. Please CLICK HERE for online application.
  4. What is The Tung Foundation’s Young Audience Scheme (YAS)?

    Sponsored by The Tung Foundation, YAS is a music education and audience development programme, targeting local full-time students ages from 6 to 25. YAS members enjoy an exclusive 60% off from full price tickets for most HK Phil concerts and other exclusive benefits, including free registration to at least one designated HK Phil concert. Please visit for more details.


  1. Is there Subscription this year? 

    There is no subscription this year. The 21/22 Season is coming in phases. We offer a more flexible ticketing scheme with attractive discounts across multiple programmes at URBTIX. Please CLICK HERE or refer to the Ticketing section (p. 12) in the Programme Brochure .


  2. Similar to last season, can I still earn Cash Dollar for my spending at URBTIX? Can I purchase HK Phil lounge coupons this season?
    Since there is no subscription this season, HK Phil music fans are not entitled to cash dollar rewards when purchasing from URBTIX. In conjunction with the COVID-19 precautionary measures of performance venues, no food or drinks shall be served. The HK Phil lounge coupons will not be available this season.


  3. I was a 2020/21 Subscriber, what will happen to my previous Cash Dollars Rewards and HK Phil lounge coupons?
    For HK Phil 2020/21 subscribers who have questions over past cash dollar rewards, please email HK Phil Subscription Office at


  4. How do I enjoy benefits and reserve my favourite seats when there is no Subscripition this year?
    You may enjoy our 2021/22 discount scheme at URBTIX and further exclusive discounts with a Club Bravo membership to maximise your benefits. If you were a 2020/21 subscriber, you are automatically offered a free Club Bravo membership this season. The Programme Brochure of the first phase with membership card will be mailed to your door in the week of 26 July. Tickets for September to December 2021 programmes are available at URBTIX from 4 August 2021 (Wed) 10AM onwards. The next phase of the season will be announced in November 2021.
  5. How do I reseve tickets for the whole season now that there is no Subscription?
    Since this season is launched in phases, you may purchase tickets for programmes from September to December 2021 at URBTIX starting from 4 August 2021 (Wed) 10AM onwards. The next phase of the season will be announced in November 2021; please stay tuned to the HK Phil website and social media platforms for the latest updates.


 Please CLICK HERE for the COVID-19 precautionary measures. 


  1. What if I am late to the concert?
    We encourage patrons to arrive 15 minutes early before the concert commences. Some concerts may have strictly timed latecomer points which allow latecomers to enter the hall at designated time discreetly. 


  2. What if I need to leave the concert hall for the restroom or a quick phone call?
    To minimise disruption to the performers and other members of the audience, the venue reserves the right to determine the time at which and the manner in which latecomers are to be admitted. We encourage patrons to utilise the time before the concert, during the intermission, and after the concert to use the restroom and electronic/transmission devices.
  3. Where can I find the duration of each concert? Are there intermissions for every concert?
    You may find the duration of the concert and the availability of intermission in individual concert page. Unless specified, all intermission is 20 minutes. There will be announcements to signal patrons to enter the concert hall when the concert is about to start.