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The HK Phil believes passionately in the power of music as a source of courage, healing, calm and unity. As the cultural ambassador of Hong Kong and the winner of the Gramophone’s Orchestra of the Year Award 2019, it is our mission to share our finest music-making in a more accessible way with people everywhere, not just in designated venues. Over the past months, we have produced a number of online programmes that allow us to reach out to a wider audience through recording, streaming and publishing on our website and social media platforms. A wide range of brilliant online programmes has been curated for you. Please enjoy!



Online Concerts


Online Concerts

Meet Our Principals

Meet Our Principals 2


What Are You Playing?

what are you playing


Phil Your Life With Music

Phil your life with music


Phil Your Sat With Music

HK Phil


Phil Your Festival With Music

Phil Your Festival With Music


Special Projects

Special Project