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2020/21 Season Ticket Arrangement - Online Subscription


This form is only applicable to subscribers who have subscribed to our 2020/ 21 Season through the HK Phil's online subscription system. Please refer to the Subscription Summary emailed earlier by the HK Phil Subscription Office to complete the form.


Below are the options available for subscribers of the cancelled concerts: 

(a) Donate your Ticket(s) to support the HK Phil “Ambassador Fund”

      —Help the HK Phil share music in multiple ways and enable us to embark on world tours, making the finest music to be heard globally

(b) Ticket Refund via PayPal


Please submit your preferred option on or before 18 September 2020 (Friday).



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  • The above arrangment is only available for the cancelled concerts listed in this form.
  • The request may be rejected if any details have been omitted.
  • By submitting this form, you accept and agree the Privacy Policy available in the HK Phil website.
  • The HK Phil reserves all rights of final arbitration in case of any dispute.