The Endowment Trust Fund was set up in 1983 with these initial sponsors.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

The Hongkong Land Group

Jardine, Matheson & Company Ltd

The Hongkong Bank Foundation

Citibank, NA

The Tung Foundation


This project is initiated and organised by Business for Art Foundation .

Donated by Mr Patrick Wang
Emile Germain (1907) Violin, played by Ms Tomoko Tanaka Mao

Donated by Mr Lowell Chang
Lockey Hill (c.1800) Violin , played by Mr Wang Liang

Donated by Mr Po Chung
Dawne Haddad (1991) Violoncello, played by Mr Cheung Ming-yuen

Loaned by Mr Laurence Scofield
Ansaldo Poggi (1910) Violin, played by Ms Zhang Xi


Donated by The Ladies Committee of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Society

Rare instruments donated

Enrico Rocca (1902) Violin, played by Mr Cheng Li

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume (1866) Violin, played by Mr Leung Kin-fung, First Associate Concertmaster

Joseph Gagliano (1788) Violin, played by Mr Jing Wang, Concertmaster

Carlo Antonio Testore (1736) Violin, played by Mr Ni Lan

Other instruments donated in support of the "Instrument Upgrade and Enhancement Project"

Two German Rotary Trumpets

A set of Wagner Tubas

A Flugelhorn