13-04-2018: HK Phil Gala Dinner at Government House “Harmonious Connections” Hong Kong’s social elite joins hands to support the orchestra’s long-term development
11-04-2018: Swire Denim & Swire Sunday Family Series: Cirque de la Symphonie Returns with all the fun of the circus and all the thrill of the HK Phil (11 & 12 May) and (13 May)
06-04-2018: Ashkenazy’s Pastoral and Esther Yoo’s Glazunov Violin Concerto (25 & 26 May)
28-03-2018: Songs of the Earth by Mahler and Ye Xiaogang (27 & 28 April) Poems from Tang Dynasty that inspired two composers from two centuries and two countries
26-03-2018: Retirement of Chief Executive Michael MacLeod
22-03-2018: Joe Hisaishi in Concert additional performance: Ticket Ballot and Real-name Ticketing System
19-03-2018: Devoted to nurturing local composing talents “HK Phil Composers Workshop - Beyond the Ring” proves to be a huge success
16-03-2018: Two Russian Composers’ Responses to Extreme Personal Crisis (13 & 14 April)
12-03-2018: Scottish Fantasy, A Taste of Scotland at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall (6 & 7 April)
06-03-2018: Ocean-themed music including Debussy’s La Mer, Mendelssohn’s The Hebrides Overture and Toshio Hosokawa’s Circulating Ocean Hong Kong Premiere (30 & 31 March)
14-02-2018: Joe Hisaishi in Concert extra performance added
08-02-2018: The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra presents Swire Classic Insights Free concerts at HKU commemorating World War One and celebrating Polish animation
26-1-2018: The HK Phil’s Ring Ends With A Glorious Finale
10-1-2018: Charm your loved one with music from classic movies this Valentine’s Day! (14 Feb)