HK Phil Europe Tour 2015

On London Concert

“Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony highlighted the pungency of the Hong Kong woodwind and the high-gloss finish of the brass.”

“(Beethoven Violin Concerto) … so simple, so mild, so profound… remarkable delicacy…”

“The orchestra had already demonstrated its technical facility in the shimmering textures of Fung Lam’s Quintessence, a piece perfumed with drowsy glissandi and icy chimes and fractured by brilliant shards of brass.”

Anna Picard, The Times, February 2015

On Berlin Concert

“A Moment of Glory… this concert stands as a monumental achievement. The ‘New World Symphony’, splendidly developed, testifies as a pompous celebration of Life. Finest shades of intonation, the fragile, bewitching sound of the strings. The execution of all entries - exact, sharp and perfectly balanced. The brass, especially during the prelude to the final ‘Allegro con fuoco’, top-class”

Udo Badelt, Der Tagesspiegel, March 2015

On Eindhoven Concert

“Many European orchestras wish they could play like this”

Thiemo Wind, De Telegraaf, March 2015

“(Beethoven Violin Concerto) Ning Feng played the violin immaculately… The slow movement exuded a gracious calm, with a sophisticated balancing of dynamics”
“Under the elegant and calm leadership of van Zweden, Prokofiev’s orchestral machinery clicked perfectly and produced sparkling color mixtures”

Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant, March 2015

“a dazzling concert”

Floris Don, NRC Handelsblad Cutuur Premiere, March 2015