The Ring Cycle Part 1 – Das Rheingold

"…riveting performance” (translated from German)

Das Opernglas, March 2015

"The performance was full of force and intensity, creating a dazzling opening for the Ring Cycle” (translated from Chinese)

Jane Tang, MR, March 2015

The performance exudes aesthetics sheen… An A-class production. (translated from Chinese)

Chow Fan Fu, Ta Kung Pao, February 2015

"The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra presented Das Rheingold, the Preliminary Evening of The Ring of the Nibelung, with extremely beautiful music. 14 soloists gave their all to create a new chapter in the history of the local music scene" (translated from Chinese)

Kelly Chu, Sing Tao Daily News, February 2015

“Superlative performance” (translated from Chinese)

Audiotechnique, February 2015

“HK Phil achieved remarkable success in the planning and performance of Das Rheingold, and started a new chapter in the concert life of Hong Kong” (translated from Chinese)

Prof CC Liu, Hong Kong Economic Journal, February 2015

"Reaching the pinnacle of perfection… The achievement was due to Jaap van Zweden's determination to make music at the highest level instead of sensational stage effects. He took the HK Phil to the next level. It is not only a blessing to the HK Phil but also to all fans in Hong Kong." (translated from Chinese)

Prof Leo Lee, Ming Pao Daily News, February 2015

"The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra will present the tetralogy of this mythological opera in four consecutive years. This is the most anticipated event among local classical music fans." (translated from Chinese)

Kelly Chu, Sing Tao Daily News, February 2015

"The high quality of the performances was worth waiting years" (translated from Chinese)

"Under the strong leadership of Jaap van Zweden, meticulous musicians showed a high degree of discipline, superior musicality and rhythmic drive in this musical marathon." (translated from Chinese)

Oliver Chou, Yazhou Zhoukan, February 2015

“In Das Rheingold, the first part of The Ring of Nibelung, Maestro Jaap van Zweden led the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to produce a pioneering event in the local music scene, and pushed the HK Phil's musician to the next level. Fans eagerly anticipate the epic performances in the next three years.” (translated from Chinese)

Kelly Chu, Sing Tao Daily News, February 2015