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  • Please switch off you mobile phone and any other beeping device before the concert. Except with permission from the management, record, filming and photography are not allowed. If the music contains more than one movement, kindly reserve your applause until the end of the entire work.

Swire Classic Insights

Michael Nyman 75th Birthday—Beyond The Piano

24 MAR 2019 Sun 3pm
Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University

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Michael NYMAN

In Re Don Giovanni


Michael NYMAN

The End of the Affair Suite


Michael NYMAN

On the Fiddle


Michael NYMAN

“If” and “Why” from The Diary of Anne Frank


Michael NYMAN

Gattaca Suite


Michael NYMAN

Where the Bee Dances (Saxophone concerto)


House Programme

One of Britain's most innovative and celebrated composers, Michael Nyman has had a long-lasting collaborative partnership with filmmaker Peter Greenaway, and is probably best-known for his multi-platinum soundtrack album to Jane Campion's The Piano.

This programme features a selection of Nyman’s compositions. Apart from the opener In Re Don Giovanni which is a deconstruction of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, all the other compositions are either taken directly from, or derived from, his most famous soundtracks.

On the Fiddle for solo violin and string orchestra comprises three movements, each of which is derived from his scores for the Peter Greenaway films The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989), A Zed & Two Noughts (1985) and Prospero’s Books (1990).

The final work, Where the Bee Dances, is also derived from Prospero’s Books. This saxophone concerto features Simon Haram, a member of the Michael Nyman Band.

Free Admission by pre-registration.

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