The Puppet & Its Double Theater (Taiwan)

The Puppet and Its Double Theater was founded in 1999 in Taipei, with an aim to promote the puppet as a tool for freely expressing the performing arts. The styles of puppet used include hand puppets, string puppets, rod puppets, table-top puppets, shadow puppets, object theatre, and the combination of puppet and actor performing on the same stage. The Puppet and Its Double Theater pour their emotions and feelings into their performances to give the puppet a believable stage life, and they find new ways to interact with audiences of all ages. The company is frequently invited to perform in international festivals.

The Puppet and Its Double Theater dedicates itself to educational events, including innovative training in puppetry, puppet building workshops, lectures and publishing to let the audiences participate in the fun of working with puppets. It also invites world famous groups to perform and share their experiences to help promote the artistic development of puppetry in Taiwan. The company has earned an international reputation for the cultivation of contemporary puppet arts around the world. Through its continual efforts in creating new productions, educational promotions and international exchange, the Puppet and Its Double Theater hopes to elevate their audience’s creativity and pursue the dream of innovation in puppetry, exposing the dynamic and rich possibilities of the puppet arts to Taiwan and the world.

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