Long Xi (On Sabbatical Leave)

First Violins

Born in the Zunyi city of Guizhou, China, Long Xi began his violin study at age of four. Displaying flare and talent at an early age, he entered the Central Music Conservatory Primary School Division in 1996 as the top of his class. The following year, he won first prize and an award for outstanding performance of Chinese works in the Conservatory’s Third Professional Competition (Junior Division). He also attended a master class by Yehudi Menuhin who highly praised Long Xi’s performance. He then entered the Conservatory’s Secondary School Division and eventually the Conservatory itself in 2003. During his studies there, he became one of the outstanding students of renowned violinist and teacher Lin Yao Ji. Long Xi has also attended master classes by renowned violinists such as Itzhak Perlman, Maxim Vengerov and Manfred Kraemer.

Long Xi is the First Prize winner of the 2001 International Music Competition Jeunesses Musicales in Romania. He also received the Violin Silver Award at the The Sixth Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music in 2007. He has performed with the Beijing Symphony, Shenzhen Philharmonic, and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestras. In 2007 on behalf of his school, he performed in a tour to Italy, Germany and Turkey.

In 2008/09 Season, Long Xi joined the Hong Kong Philharmonic through the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Orchestral Fellowship scheme, and became an official member of the orchestra in the first violin section through successful audition in 2009/10 Season.

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